2 verb
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1DLOTI [intransitive] to try to catch fish [↪ fishing]:
Dad really loves to fish.
fish for
a Japanese vessel fishing for tuna in the Eastern Pacific
2 [intransitive always +adverb/preposition] informal to search for something in a bag, pocket etc
fish about/around
She fished around in her purse and pulled out a photo.
fish for
Chris fished in his pocket for a coin.
3DLOTI [transitive] to try to catch fish in a particular area of water [↪ fishing]:
Other nations are forbidden to fish the waters within 200 miles of the coast.

fish for compliments

to try to make someone say something nice about you, usually by first criticizing yourself - used to show disapproval:
It's sickening the way he's always fishing for compliments.
5 [intransitive] to try to find out information, without asking directly:
'Are you here with your wife?' she asked, fishing.

fish somebody/something ↔ out

a) to pull someone or something out of water
fish somebody/something ↔ out of
The body was fished out of the East River a week later.
b) to find something after searching through a bag, pocket etc, and take it out
fish somebody/something ↔ out of
Eric fished a peppermint out of the bag.

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