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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfistfulfist‧ful /ˈfɪstfʊl/ noun [countable]  AMOUNTan amount that is as much as you can hold in your handfistful of a child clutching a fistful of toffees
Examples from the Corpus
fistfulWhat he fails to add is that nowadays information is as leaky as a fistful of sand.One had to take a fistful of money to buy a few things at the market.Finally I seized his scruff, took a fistful of fur.Armed with a fistful of papers you now have to join the queue to fetch the elusive gadget.I fetched another fistful of miniatures and spent the rest of the flight telling her about my philosophy.The impact caused my fistfuls of weed to rip off the rock with a sickening, slimy, ripping sound.Every time I tried to pull myself up, my fistfuls of rockweed ripped out.fistful ofa fistful of cash
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