Date: 1400-1500
Origin: Perhaps from FIT1


2 adjective
fit2 S2 W3 comparative fitter, superlative fittest


someone who is fit is strong and healthy, especially because they exercise regularly [≠ unfit]:
You must be very fit if you do so much running.
He was young, good-looking, and physically fit.
I swim twice a week to try and keep fit.
fit for
He may not be fit for Saturday's match.
fit to do something
I don't know if I'll be fit enough to take part in the race.
Psychiatrists said he was fit to stand trial (=he was mentally healthy enough).
She's over eighty now, but still as fit as a fiddle (=very fit).
fighting fit (=very fit) British English
I had just come back from holiday and was fighting fit.


suitable or good enough for something [≠ unfit]
fit for
We made sure the land was fit for drilling.
The food was not fit for human consumption.
This book is not fit for publication!
fit to do something
He is not fit to govern this country!
This room is not fit to be seen!

see/think fit (to do something)

to decide that something is the best thing to do, especially when other people do not agree with you:
The government saw fit to ignore our advice.
Sort out the problem in any way you think fit.

in a fit state (to do something)

especially British English healthy enough or in good enough condition for something:
I was still very shocked and in no fit state to work.
We'll have to make sure the house is in a fit state to receive visitors.

fit for a king

of very good quality:
The meal they provided was fit for a king.


British English sexually attractive

fit to drop

British English informal extremely tired [= exhausted]:
It was getting late and most of us were fit to drop.

fit to burst

British English informal if you are laughing, shouting etc fit to burst, you are doing it a lot:
The girls were laughing fit to burst.

fit to be tied

American English very angry, anxious, or upset:
I was fit to be tied when she didn't come home until 2 a.m.

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