Language: Old English
Origin: fitt 'disagreement, opposition, fighting'


3 noun
Related topics: Illness and Disability


[countable] a time when you feel an emotion very strongly and cannot control your behaviour
fit of
She killed him in a fit of temper.
He quit his job in a fit of drunken depression.

lose consciousness

[countable]MI a short period of time when someone loses consciousness and cannot control their body because their brain is not working properly:
She used to have fits as a baby.
people who suffer from epileptic fits


[countable] a short time during which you laugh or cough a lot in a way that you cannot control:
He had a violent coughing fit.
fit of
The girls collapsed into a fit of the giggles.
We were all in fits of laughter trying to clear up the mess.
Carl had us all in fits (=made us laugh a lot) with his stories.

have/throw a fit

informal to be very angry or shocked:
If your mother finds out about this, she'll have a fit.

right size

[singular] the way in which something fits on your body or fits into a space:
The dress was a perfect fit.
I managed to get everything into the suitcase, but it was a tight fit.


[singular] formal if there is a fit between two things, they are similar to each other or are suitable for each other
fit between
We must be sure that there's a fit between the needs of the children and the education they receive.

in/by fits and starts

if something happens in fits and starts, it does not happen smoothly, but keeps starting and then stopping again:
Technology advances by fits and starts.
He spoke in fits and starts.

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