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fittingfit‧ting1 /ˈfɪtɪŋ/ noun  1 [countable, usually plural] British EnglishDHF a piece of equipment in a house, for example a cooker or a fridge, that can be moved or taken with you when you sell the house fixtures and fittings at fixture(2)2 [countable, usually plural]T an outside part of a piece of equipment that makes it possible to use or handle it a sink with chrome fittings (=handle and taps) new light fittings3 DCC[uncountable] an occasion when you put on a piece of clothing that is being made for you, to see if it fits properly
Examples from the Corpus
fittingInside the church, the degree of elaboration and ostentation of both architecture and fittings indicates status and wealth in the community.The next case provides some useful guidance on distinguishing between fixtures and fittings.There are instances of evicted occupants looting and trashing the house before they leave, even removing the doors and bathroom fittings.All the other brass fittings, supplied by Chas.They're putting in a new sink with chrome fittings.Victorian Bell Pulls were traditionally finished with brass end fittings.The wood of the World War One aircraft is thrashed but the fittings are not and they can be rebuilt.The fittings and furnishings inside the old house were old.
fittingfitting2 adjective formal  RIGHT/PROPERright for a particular situation or occasion syn appropriate I thought the memorial was a fitting tribute to the president. a fitting end to what was a memorable tripit is only fitting (that) It is only fitting that Simon should propose the first toast tonight.
Examples from the Corpus
fittingThat was a fitting end to a great career.Bingham wants to leave a fitting legacy to his successor and all the signs point to him achieving this.This is a fitting tribute to the standards of basic training around the country.fitting endSome buried instinct told her that this was not the fitting end ... But what did she want?A fitting end for a professional hangman.And what a fitting end it was to this season's cup campaign.That was a fitting end to a great career.The victory was a fitting end to a near-perfect season.It seemed a fitting end to the day.But it was a fitting end to this tour.A fitting end to what was a memorable trip.
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