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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfive-starˈfive-star adjective [only before noun]  DFGOOD/EXCELLENTa five-star hotel, restaurant etc has been judged to be of the highest standard
Examples from the Corpus
five-starDon't expect five-star facilities in a one-star hotel.As things stand, ministers who oversee large state industries enjoy free accommodation at five-star hotels and foreign travel.For the size of the island, Madeira must have one of the highest concentrations of five-star hotels anywhere in the world.Not five-star hotels, but sometimes air-conditioned or electric fan.It hasn't escaped my notice that you've gone from five-star hotels to virtual slums.Some observers worry that the role of landlord will detract from the primary business of five-star hotels.Originally constructed with 348 rooms in its 12 stories, Checkers reopened with 188 rooms and a five-star restaurant in 1989.But as she lapped up the five-star treatment on the champagne Concorde flight, angry pensioners were facing a bleak future.
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