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five/ten/many etc times ...

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfive/ten/many etc times ...five/ten/many etc times ...used to say how much greater, more etc one thing is than another Sound travels four times faster in water than in air. There were three times as many girls as boys. time
Examples from the Corpus
five/ten/many etc times ...I am feeling much better, though there are many times when I feel a dull ache.Now, as many times before, the City is missing a chance to put the system right.The males adapt to their new and relaxed home by evolving at ten times the rate of their consorts.The amount of metal needed is ten times what we used on Mars.Tours leave five times a day.Besides being one of Henry III's most frequent ambassadors to Rome, Alexander served many times as papal judge delegate.The real frequency of worldwide maternal mortality may be as much as three to five times higher than this ratio.The prince visited many times more.
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