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fiverfiv‧er /ˈfaɪvə $ -ər/ noun [countable] British English informal  PECMONEYa piece of paper money worth five pounds Lend me a fiver, mate?
Examples from the Corpus
fiverThat usually works out at about a fiver a flourish.The illustrated catalogue costs a fiver, which will get two people into the event.A pair to fit wellies which reach right up to the knee cost a penny short of a fiver.He laid out a fiver - and went home counting the cash after Dowie scored twice.It cost less than a fiver a head - and there wasn't a plate broken all night!Homeless and down to a fiver.When I opened it I found neat bundles of fivers, each one with a Bank of Berlin band around it.He'd got two fivers left, then.
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