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fix a time/date/place etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfix a time/date/place etcfix a time/date/place etcARRANGE A MEETING, EVENT ETCto decide on a particular time etc when something will happen Have you fixed a date for the wedding yet? fix
Examples from the Corpus
fix a time/date/place etcBefore fixing a date do some research.She said she loved him, they said they loved him, but somehow nobody would fix a date for a marriage.The court will then fix a date for consideration and serve notice on the applicant.The court will either grant the request on written application or fix a date for hearing.He added that while Yeltsin is breathing somewhat easier than he had been, there is no fixed date for his discharge.They fixed a date for the weekend and he kissed her goodbye.The court will usually fix a time limit for service when making directions and this must be complied with.Employers generally fix a time limit on the payment of these allowances.
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