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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfixedfixed /fɪkst/ ●●○ S3 W3 adjective  1 ATTACH[not before noun] firmly fastened to a particular positionfixed to/in/on a mirror fixed to the bathroom wall2 LIMITfixed times, amounts, meanings etc cannot be changed syn set The classes begin and end at fixed times. fixed prices My contract was for a fixed term of five years. interest at 10%, fixed for 5 years3 have fixed ideas/opinions4 how are you fixed for sth?5 EMOTIONALa fixed smile, expression etc does not show any emotion or does not show how someone really feels6 be of/have no fixed abode/address
Examples from the Corpus
fixedIn Communist Russia prices of all common commodities used to be fixed.Our health insurance pays a fixed amount for each type of treatment, regardless of what it actually costs.Fixed costs should be separated from variable costs when working out the annual accounts.The module header has a fixed format and must be added as a complete block."I'm retired and on a fixed income." Marson said. "I can't handle this myself, financially."The fixed interest rate means you know exactly your commitment each month, which saves problems with forecasting your cashflow.fixed interest ratesEach contestant took a fixed number of dross leads from a box.A fixed number of tickets will be on sale the day of the show.The symbols must be used in a fixed order.The policeman told me there was a fixed penalty of $20 for driving without a rear light.Other advances for fixed periods are only repaid at the end of that period.If you're looking for a fixed rate and a fixed term this is the account for you.a fixed-rate mortgageWorkers are paid a fixed rate per hour.New closed prisons were built for convicted offenders serving long fixed sentences or life imprisonment for the most serious crimes.He also said senior ranks would be employed on fixed term contracts, and their pay would be performance related.The lessons began and ended at fixed times.fixed to/in/onThe colonic segments were fixed in Carnoy's fixative and processed to paraffin.Alice, slightly pink, glanced at Auguste, and continued to avoid Alfred's eyes which were fixed on her beseechingly.Yet such was the force of his personality that every eye was fixed on him.It is absurd to disagree about whether we should be fixed to the Deutschmark or not, while behaving as if we were.His eyes were permanently fixed on the pavement, as though he were searching for something.Their pool was oval-shaped and illuminated at night by carriage-lamps, fixed to the posts of the pergola which surrounded it.These commandments then became scrupulously fixed in the rites of the community.His face, faintly freckled, is rigid, his eyes fixed on the road.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfixedfixed /fɪkst/ adjective not movable or changeableConsumers spend a fixed amount on books regardless of price changes.The option of converting gold at a fixed price had been cancelled. compare flexible