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fixed capital

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfixed capitalˌfixed ˈcapital noun [uncountable] technical  buildings or machines that a business owns and that can be used for a long time to produce goods
Examples from the Corpus
fixed capitalI shall also argue that crises have a material basis, which relates to the periodic replacement and expansion of fixed capital.The reason for this is that the renewal of fixed capital is normally to maintain existing production levels.Thus the mere replacement of fixed capital can lead to an increase in the overall level of economic activity.The majority of investment expenditure is on fixed capital formation rather than inventories and it is to this that we now turn.
From Longman Business Dictionaryfixed capitalˌfixed ˈcapitalFINANCE capital invested in assets that produce goods or services, or the assets themselves SYN FIXED ASSETThe replacement of fixed capital is usually accompanied by an increased production capacity because of advances in technology. capital
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