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fizzy drink

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfizzy drinkfizzy drinkBritish EnglishDFD a sweet non-alcoholic drink with bubbles of gas fizzy
Examples from the Corpus
fizzy drinkNatural fruit juices are a healthier alternative to fruit squashes and fizzy drinks.Potato chips, fizzy drinks and chocolate bars are circulated.There were presents for every child, disco dancing, party games, fizzy drinks and floating gas balloons.She disapproves of anything that tastes really good, like icecream and fizzy drinks and hamburgers and chips and chocolate.I had brought fizzy drinks but both women spat the stuff out, having never tasted it before.Eat anything you like - yes, anything - chocolate, cream, fizzy drinks, coffee.Alcohol in fizzy drinks is absorbed more quickly than alcohol in still drinks.Would you like to join a brilliant new club that's run by the makers of the fizzy drink, Tizer?
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