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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflabbyflab‧by /ˈflæbi/ ●○○ adjective informal  1 FAThaving unattractive soft loose flesh rather than strong muscles a flabby stomachsee thesaurus at fat2 EFFECTIVEused to describe something that is weak or not effective opp powerful intellectually flabby arguments The band’s performance was tired and flabby.flabbiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
flabbyHer body was getting old and flabby.Feeling flabby after all that festive food?Suddenly this flabby and overweight woman decided to do what younger and more athletic daredevils had shrunk from doing.He has a big tummy and his arms all flabby and they quiver.Because he is so flabby in his body I think.It was that of a young man, tall but somewhat flabby muscled.He was neither pallid nor flabby, prison had not marked him in the ways she expected.She's gotten flabby since she stopped swimming.When he took her hand in his, it was flabby, soft and tremulous.John's flabby white thighs wobbled as he walked across the beach.
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