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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflaccidflac‧cid /ˈflæsɪd, ˈflæksɪd/ adjective technical  Msoft and weak instead of firm a flaccid penisflaccidity /flæˈsɪdəti, flæk-/ noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
flaccidThe legs were loose, the belly flaccid and limp.Pulled out of its tube and drained of its color, the worm is decidedly flaccid and unattractive.He had a left hemiplegia, and was flaccid at first, although the flaccidity soon started changing to spasticity.Some of the envelopes bulged with mail, others sat limply in their allocated space, flaccid from lack of correspondence.flaccid musclesThere was no mistaking the flaccid outlines of a suit that had lost its pressure and was open to vacuum.In flaccid prose Shaftesbury rambles on with an air of affected conversational ease which projects the persona of the patronising aristocrat.He staggered, jerking the flaccid weight higher on his shoulder.
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