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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflaggingflag‧ging /ˈflæɡɪŋ/ adjective  TIREDbecoming tired or losing strengthflagging spirits/energy/morale By now the wine had lifted her flagging spirits. He presents himself as the man to revive the party’s flagging fortunes. concern for the country’s flagging economy
Examples from the Corpus
flaggingThe onset of war and the urban destruction that followed breathed new spirit into a flagging crusade.the nation's flagging economyUncertainties of planning, finance and building, along with flagging enthusiasm, have often proved too much for local initiatives.The railway revived the flagging fortunes of Brighton.Landowners are turning pasture into racetracks in an effort to boost flagging incomes.He was now feeling pleasantly intoxicated from the effects of a steady supply of alcohol, which had lifted his flagging spirits.flagging economyWall Street wants Greenspan to take quick action to boost the flagging economy.To sweeten the pill, the government will try to boost the flagging economy in various ways.
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