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flagonflag‧on /ˈflæɡən/ noun [countable]  Da large container for liquids, especially beer or wine
Examples from the Corpus
flagonSecondly, Falconer was murdered here at Maubisson after broaching a flagon of wine with Dacourt.Nothing daunted, the bearers of comfort brought a flagon of ale and a long clay pipe.There were chests of cypress and cedar, small tables bearing trays, silver cups, pewter tankards and flagons.Men's fists punched the air, brandishing flagons of beer.One produced a half gallon flagon of Johnnie Walker Red Label and six little cups.A serving wench brought us flagons of watered beer.In return he handed out whips, flagons and field glasses.They formed a queue outside the cinema, pockets of greasy overcoats and grubby kaftans bulging with flagons.
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