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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflagpoleflag‧pole /ˈflæɡpəʊl $ -poʊl/ noun [countable]  TBBa tall pole on which a flag hangs syn flagstaff
Examples from the Corpus
flagpoleNow we haven't even got a flagpole.In the middle of the grass is a flagpole from which the Union Jack hangs.The roof is covered in copper, in keeping with historic accuracy, and flagpoles rise once again on the towers.In the centre of the buildings was a square parade ground with a forlorn flagpole.The five buildings of the campus formed a quadrangle arranged around a grassy plaza, with a great flagpole in the center.Fog encircles the Wallasey ferry: a gull on the flagpole has taken command.Outside, on the front lawn hoisted atop a wooden flagpole, an eternal blank check waves bravely in the breeze.
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