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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflakyflak‧y /ˈfleɪki/ adjective  1 BREAKtending to break into small thin pieces flaky pastry flaky skin2 informal especially American EnglishCRAZY a flaky person is slightly strange or often forgets things Carrie’s pretty flaky but she’s fun to be with.flakiness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
flakyYou couldn't trust Sam to do anything important. He was too flaky.It dipped and fluttered in the chilly air, its wings drab and flaky.Christy was kind of flaky, but everyone liked her.rich, flaky croissantsThere is kind of a flaky factor.The front-door was-covered with flaky green paint and there was no keyhole.He stared with wonder at the dozen flaky homemade biscuits poised on the bed of fresh crabmeat and fragrant sauce.It dries flaky in the cool air of the cab.My flaky judgments were modest by comparison-but numerous enough to keep me hopeful of regaining the dunce cap this year.Brown, though flaky, shows a restless intelligence.However, dry flaky skin on the scalp is often wrongly diagnosed as dandruff.Nevertheless, in I978 on Wall Street it was flaky to think that home mortgages could be big business.
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