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flash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etcflash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etcIDEAFEEL HAPPY/FRIGHTENED/BORED ETCif someone has a flash of brilliance, anger etc, they suddenly have a clever idea or a particular feeling flash
Examples from the Corpus
flash of inspiration/brilliance/insight/anger etcOne who'd probably mowed the nurses down in his student days, too, she thought with a flash of insight.With a flash of insight, she imagined Guy's jilted fiancée had received a timely escape.There was no momentary flash of inspiration; it was typical of Laura's talent to turn a disadvantage into an advantage.He is some one who feeds off flashes of insight, like bolts of lightning from a clear blue sky.Mario Bennett, another first-round pick last summer, also showed flashes of brilliance after returning from knee surgery.There were flashes of brilliance from Michael Hordern and Kelly Hunter but generally the acting lacked sparkle.
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