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flash through somebody’s mind/head/brain

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflash through somebody’s mind/head/brainflash through somebody’s mind/head/brainTHINK something/HAVE A THOUGHTif thoughts, images, memories etc flash through your mind, you suddenly think of them or remember them The possibility that Frank was lying flashed through my mind. flash
Examples from the Corpus
flash through somebody’s mind/head/brainEach time I see one of these cocoons hanging from a tree, all of these marvels flash through my mind.Her body seemed determined to ignore the danger signals now at last flashing through her brain.The image of the guard in his elaborate flowering prison flashes through her head.This was staggering new information, and all kinds of ideas were flashing through our minds.The one occasion which was flashing through Yanto's mind at this moment involved just three of the local water babies.The past twenty-two months flashed through my mind like film run at high speed, and suddenly I felt rather tired.It flashed through my mind that I was close.The only idea that flashed through my head was that some one had broken into the house and was attacking Master Yehudi.
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