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flashlightflash‧light /ˈflæʃlaɪt/ ●●○ noun [countable] American English  torch.jpg Da small electric light that you can carry in your hand syn torch British English
Examples from the Corpus
flashlightHe shone a flashlight at the trucks and shouted at them.Up ahead, flashlights flickered alongside the leading vehicle.Son Mladen takes out the whistles, the coffee-can noisemaker and the flashlight.He beamed the flashlight ahead and picked his way around the huge bale of rusted wire.He reaches for the flashlight and beams it on.They will need the flashlights again to find their way to Evansville.At her lack of response, he turned the yellowing beam of the flashlight on her white face.Intermittent intervals of moonlight would mean not having to use flashlights, when he and Larsen entered the enemy's territory.
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