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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflatteringflat‧ter‧ing /ˈflætərɪŋ/ adjective  SUIT/LOOK GOOD TOGETHERclothes, pictures etc that are flattering make someone look as attractive as they can or make something as good as possible, even if it is not really very good That colour is very flattering.
Examples from the Corpus
flatteringShe wore a plain black dress, quite simple but very flattering.The recorded sound is slightly close and not always as flattering as it might be.High-heeled shoes are flattering but not very comfortable.It's not a very flattering photograph, is it?Her quick response made him feel more quick, as if in some flattering way she was complimenting him.Goneril and Regan bear their father only flattering words, and lust for their own power.
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