1 noun
fla‧vour1 British English ; flavor American English
1 [countable] the particular taste of a food or drink:
Which flavor do you want - chocolate or vanilla?
flavour of
a dry wine with flavors of honey and apricot
a nutty/smoky/bitter etc flavour
White poppy seeds have a distinctive nutty flavour.
a delicate/strong/rich etc flavour
The cheese is firm in texture and has a strong flavour.
2 [uncountable] the quality of tasting good
add/give flavour (to something)
A pinch of herbs will add flavour to any dish.
3 [uncountable and countable] a substance used to give something a particular taste [= flavouring]:
artificial flavours
4 [singular] a quality or feature that makes something have a particular style or character:
The stories have a strong regional flavour.
flavour of
Critics claim the building would destroy the flavor of the neighborhood.
5 [singular] an idea of what the typical qualities of something are
flavour of
Marston's book gives you a flavour of life in the 16th century.

flavour of the month

an idea, person, style etc that is very popular at a particular time

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