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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflavouredfla‧voured British English, flavored American English /ˈfleɪvəd $ -vərd/ adjective  1 strawberry-flavoured/chocolate-flavoured etc2 TASTE IN CLOTHES, MUSIC ETChaving had a flavour added flavored coffees
Examples from the Corpus
flavouredan orange-flavoured drinkThe wines of Alsace are dry and delicately flavoured.It is able to brew 10 different types of beer, including exotically flavoured beers.Dinner or supper consists of three courses; soup, a savoury snack with wholemeal bread and a choice of flavoured desserts.For lunch there is a choice of flavoured milk drinks.These are full-bodied, richly flavoured wines which, with the wines of Sacy, are the best of the Petite Montagne.
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