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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflavoursomefla‧vour‧some /ˈfleɪvəsəm $ -vər-/ British English, flavorful American English adjective  having a strong pleasant taste opp bland a flavorful Mexican dish
Examples from the Corpus
flavoursomeThe flesh was tender but not particularly flavoursome.The very best oil to use in a wok is sesame oil which is pungent and flavoursome.With turkey you can go for red or white but whatever you choose needs to be big and flavoursome.Loaf-tin shaped varieties are seldom tasty or worth eating and are often cooked without the flavoursome larding of fat.The 1992 vintage has light melon and apricot fruit flavours on the bouquet, with a rich and flavoursome palate.
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