Date: 1300-1400
Origin: Perhaps from Old Norse flaga 'flat stone'; FLAG1


flaw [countable]
1 a mistake, mark, or weakness that makes something imperfect [= defect]
flaw in
a flaw in the software
serious/major/basic/minor etc flaw
a slight flaw in the glass
A design flaw (=a mistake or weakness in the way something was made) caused the engine to explode.
2 a mistake or problem in an argument, plan, set of ideas etc
flaw of
Beautiful scenery does not make up for the flaws of this film.
flaw in
There is a fundamental flaw in Walton's argument.
fatal flaw (=a weakness that makes something certain to fail)
3 a fault in someone's character:
Jealousy is Othello's major flaw.
the President's character flaws

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