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flexible/short-time etc working

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflexible/short-time etc workingflexible/short-time etc workinga particular way of working, especially relating to the hours which someone works working
Examples from the Corpus
flexible/short-time etc workingMeanwhile, solicitors were last week urged to consider flexible working for staff in line with the government's family friendly policies.Recruitment procedures focus on individual skills and potential for flexible working.Through grants to local authorities, we are financing schemes to introduce more flexible working practices - such as job sharing.An outside problem can sometimes be helped by, say, more flexible working hours and so be resolved at management level.Flexible Hours Question: Has consideration been given to the introduction of flexible working hours?Vauxhall bosses admit that the threat of short-time working at Ellesmere Port still remains a possibility.Earnings might vary because of piece-work, overtime or short-time working.Wage freezes have been brought in across most of the company and some short-time working introduced.
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