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fling yourself at somebody

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfling yourself at somebodyfling yourself at somebodya) to move suddenly towards someone in order to attack them or hold them He flung himself at her and snatched the bag. The children flung themselves at him, squealing with joy. b) informal to show in a very clear open way that you want to have a sexual relationship with someone – used to show disapproval fling
Examples from the Corpus
fling yourself at somebodyAnd I do not give you permission to fling yourself at her feet, grab her hands and weep into her palms.He flung himself at her, springing the top button of his jeans and jerking them down as he did so.As I flung myself at it, pounding footsteps were behind me.They flung themselves at sailors in a bid for immortality.McCoist flung himself at the ball and beat Lukic with a wonderful diving header.She flung herself at the gunman, who was then felled by police fire.Tabitha flung herself at the hard bunk with an angry sigh.
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