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fling yourself into something

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfling yourself into somethingfling yourself into somethingSTART DOING somethingto start doing something with a lot of energy After the divorce he flung himself into his work to forget her. fling
Examples from the Corpus
fling yourself into somethingHe flung himself into a chair without waiting to be asked.I wanted to fling myself into her arms and cry and let her comfort me, but I did not.Saying a prayer, she flung herself into her captors' bonfire.She fought back the sudden urge to run to him, to fling herself into his arms and beg his forgiveness.I flung myself into his chair, the big recliner.Sonia and Helen flung themselves into my arms, to Joe's great astonishment.As they passed Jess, flinging themselves into the Battle, she saw Garty Jenks among them.Mas flung himself into the economic and political life of America.Did I fling myself into your arms?
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