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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflintyflint‧y /ˈflɪnti/ adjective  1 EMOTIONAL literary not showing any emotions syn hard, icyflinty look/stare Duvall gave him a flinty stare.2 like flint or containing flint
Examples from the Corpus
flintyIn photos from this period, the flinty gaze is not yet apparent.And-guess what-his flinty heart is melted.But Avon folks possessed a flinty independence and pride.The flinty little synthetic poop poop music runs around in my head from last time.And there is clearly a less flinty side to him.Pierry derives its name from a stratum of flint in the subsoil which reputedly gives its wine a marked flinty taste.He walked on across the flinty turf, with the mare's nose at his shoulder, and the hound running ahead.flinty look/stareThe flinty look in Pargeter's face told Dexter that Blanche had struck home in some way.
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