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flip-flopsˈflip-flops noun [plural]  flip_flops.jpg DCCopen summer shoes, usually made of rubber, with a V-shaped band across the front to hold your feet syn thongs American English
Examples from the Corpus
flip-flopsThis is divided by a string of 15 flip-flops.For simplicity there are only 9 flip-flops in a 3 x 3 array.All I've got for myself is flip-flops.Make sure you have your race number Have you packed a pair of flip-flops for after the race?Tourists inevitably end up having to buy either wellies or flip-flops when the weather does something perverse.Holding the choker in her hand, she heard the amah's flip-flops coming downstairs.Taylor complained of stomach flip-flops but never swerved in his resolve to die.With sufficient flip-flops we can remember as many bits as we choose.
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