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flip side

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flip sideˈflip side noun [singular] πŸ”Š πŸ”Š 1 OPPOSITE/REVERSEthe bad effects of something that also has good effects πŸ”Š The flip side of the treatment is that it can make patients feel very tired.2 TCR old-fashioned the side of a record that does not have the main song on
Examples from the Corpus
flip sideβ€’ But the flip side of that effectiveness is quite clear when things go wrong.β€’ But the good news is the flip side of the bad: every change creates new needs.β€’ The facts, which spilled out in no particular order, revealed the flip side of the fairytale.β€’ The flip side is also true: if budgets showed the cross-departmental impact, governments might invest more in prevention.β€’ The flip side of virtue is pride.
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