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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflirtatiousflir‧ta‧tious /flɜːˈteɪʃəs $ flɜːr-/ adjective  SYSEXYbehaving in a way that deliberately tries to attract sexual attention She gave him a flirtatious smile. a flirtatious giggleflirtatiously adverbflirtatiousness noun [uncountable]
Examples from the Corpus
flirtatiousEmily was looking at me in a way I found frankly flirtatious.This one was of the old school: giddy and flirtatious.His manner was mildly flirtatious and he had a tendency to glance in my direction, showing off, I suspect.Cressida's action is in keeping with her flirtatious character, which she herself can analyse: Troilus, farewell.Graham plays Benedict's flirtatious daughter.Let them play their flirtatious games.Try just exchanging some attention: see if you can exchange a smile and a flirtatious glance with him.He remembered Lisette's flushed, flirtatious look and the way she had taken his hand and placed it on her body.
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