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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfloodingflood‧ing /ˈflʌdɪŋ/ noun [uncountable]  WATERa situation in which an area of land becomes covered with water, for example because of heavy rain The heavy rain has led to serious flooding in some areas. The river banks have been built up to prevent flooding.
Examples from the Corpus
floodingThe sea had broken through in several places, and many homes are at risk from flooding.The scheme proposed by the National Rivers Authority is designed to prevent flooding caused by a repeat of the 1947 event.Parts of the harbour wall collapsed, causing serious flooding in the town.Villagers were moved to higher ground, the great barrage was built, and the flooding began.The government is to receive £200,000 in emergency European Community aid, to help victims of the flooding.By the time I had managed to contact mum on the telephone the flooding was getting even worse.Their biggest setback was the flooding brought by Hurricane Gilbert in 1988.serious floodingTaking the opportunity of arranging three subscription concerts in Strasburg he got stranded there because of serious flooding.
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