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flow of funds

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flow of fundsˌflow of ˈfunds noun (plural flows of funds) [countable, uncountable]1ECONOMICS the way in which money is moved from one place to another, for example by people investing in different companiesCapital constraints continue to hurt the flow of funds to small businesses.There is a nice flow of funds into the stock, according to my broker.Forecasts suggest that there would be no net flow of funds towards the government.2ACCOUNTING movements of money into, within, and out of a business, as shown in the SOURCES AND USES OF FUNDS STATEMENT
Flow of FundsˌFlow of ˈFunds nounBANKING in the US, official information published on borrowing and lending by banksThe Wall Street Journal will publish the Federal Reserve’s Flow of Funds data on net new commercial bank loans to non-financial corporations.
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