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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfluxflux /flʌks/ noun [uncountable]  CHANGE/BECOME DIFFERENTa situation in which things are changing a lot and you cannot be sure what will happen Everything is in flux at the moment. The education system is still in a state of flux.
Examples from the Corpus
fluxToday, the world of government is once again in great flux.Their television deal is in flux, and only two home games are scheduled to appear on the tube.The universe offers no such categories or simplifications; only flux and infinite variety.Anything less is not a change but only a continuation of the flux.All this leaves business ethics in a state of unhelpful flux.in a state of fluxIt show-cased a band in a state of flux.The audience are caught in a state of flux.It is alive and ever changing, constantly in a state of flux - and often flowing away from us.The world economy is in a state of flux.These disciplines are, at present, in a state of flux and agitation.
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