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fly into a rage/temper/panic etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfly into a rage/temper/panic etcfly into a rage/temper/panic etcto suddenly get extremely angry, extremely worried etc Rebecca flew into a rage when she realized no-one had been listening to her. fly
Examples from the Corpus
fly into a rage/temper/panic etcMaclean immediately flew into a rage.Mitch was going to fly into a rage.The Collector had flown into a rage.Whenever Stewart showed signs of rejecting that outlook, Joe would fly into a rage.I flew into a rage and quit.I was made to feel like a petulant child who has flown into a temper because his favorite toy was removed.Mary's natural tendency to fly into a temper probably did not increase their chances very much.He flew into a rage with him and brained him with his lute.
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