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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishflyingfly‧ing1 /ˈflaɪ-ɪŋ/ adjective  1 [only before noun] able to fly syn winged a story about a flying horse2 with flying colours3 a flying visit4 a flying start5 a flying jump/leap
Examples from the Corpus
flyingAnd they now look set to promote more harmonious race relations in the community after passing with flying colours.The flying filly had trainer Jack Berry purring after a stunning success at Beverley last month.He had covered his face from flying glass and watched the two men and the Returner escape through the office doors.The first blow came from a corner and a flying header by Dave Higgins.a flying insectSome had been killed outright by flying shrapnel, others had been badly wounded and had died slowly.
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flyingflying2 noun [uncountable]  TTAthe activity of travelling by plane Quite a lot of people are still nervous about flying.
Examples from the Corpus
flyingThe young were free flying, and the future status of this species in Sussex will be strongly influenced by this population.She's afraid of flying.To fully appreciate the reasons we must ignore the training aspect and look at the basic costs of flying.Last night's film examined a one-day course which helps people overcome their fear of flying.In practical terms this required a duration that recorded the most recent 25 hours of flying.Team kites fall into several categories, chosen for precision flying or ballet and to suit the wind conditions.Male speaker Going to the Gulf was more routine flying.Different types of glider behave slightly differently, so explore all the gliders you fly and adapt your flying accordingly.