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focal point

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focal pointˈfocal point noun [countable]  1 MAINthe person or thing that you pay most attention tofocal point of The pool is the focal point of the hotel.focal point for The new tax has been the focal point for much discussion.2 technicalHPO the point at which beams of light meet after they have been through a lens
Examples from the Corpus
focal pointEverybody fussed over his brilliance to a great degree; he was a focal point at our school.The state-sponsored agro-industrial cooperatives are the focal point for this discussion of the creation of an industrial proletariat.Those loans are the focal point of the bad-debt crisis plaguing the financial system and weighing down the economy.More importantly, it becomes the focal point in the player's mind.Again the castle formed the focal point of the walls.It is the focal point of a permanent campaign to give independence through personal transport to as many people as possible.The kitchen is usually the focal point of the home.
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