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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfoghornfog‧horn /ˈfɒɡhɔːn $ ˈfɑːɡhɔːrn, ˈfɒːɡ-/ noun [countable]  1 a loud horn on a ship, used in fog to warn other ships of its position2 a voice like a foghorn
Examples from the Corpus
foghornMaybe it's because they sound like a goat rammed down a foghorn.Just then a foghorn sounded right clear.Mainland anxieties clog my throat, bleating foghorns fill my ears.To the accompaniment of foghorns and buoy bells, beside a crackling fire, l slowly eat my dinner.It made a long-drawn-out noise which sounded like a high-pitched foghorn and backed away, raising its hands to its mouth.When he wasn't here he thought we might fall ill or something, so he installed the foghorns.These were filled with images of street scenes, of clattering cable cars and the sound of the foghorns on Alcatraz.As a kid I would lie awake listening to the foghorns.
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