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fold your arms

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfold your armsfold your armsBENDto bend your arms so that they rest together against your body George stood silently with his arms folded. fold
Examples from the Corpus
fold your armsGeorge stood silently with his arms folded.Banjo folded his arms across the front of his Mac West, scowling, not looking at Connors.He folded his arms, admiring the two glittering rings on his right hand.The woman folded her arms and became silent in a way that swept Lois with feelings of admiration.Mr Bumble put down his hat, unbuttoned his coat, folded his arms, and sat back in his chair.Ruthie folded her arms, as if to emphasize her lack of responsibility for the shop she was minding.He got the feeling that she folded her arms not to hide herself but as a natural aid to thinking.But the moment passed and the Robemaker had folded his arms, the deep sleeves hanging down.Denver climbed up on the bed and folded her arms under her apron.
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