Sense: 1,2,5
Date: 1200-1300
Origin: FOLD1
Sense: 3,4
Origin: Old English falod


2 noun
Related topics: Geology, Agriculture
fold2 [countable]


a line made in paper or material when you fold one part of it over another:
Bend back the card and cut along the fold.


[usually plural] the folds in material, skin etc are the loose parts that hang over other parts of it:
Her dress hung in soft folds.

the fold

P the group of people that you belong to and share the same beliefs and ideas as
return/come back to the fold
The Church will welcome him back into the fold.
stray from/leave the fold
a former advocate of free market economics who had strayed from the fold


TA a small area of a field surrounded by a wall or fence where sheep are kept for safety [= pen; ↪ corral]


technicalHEG a bend in layers of rock, caused by underground movements in the earth

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