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foldingfold‧ing /ˈfəʊldɪŋ $ ˈfoʊl-/ adjective [only before noun]  folding_chair.jpg DHFa folding bicycle, bed, chair etc has parts that you can bend or fold together to make it easier to carry or storefoldaway
Examples from the Corpus
foldingOne man just sat there in silence, looking at the camera, grinning and folding and refolding his six fivers.Kellaway sat on the folding bed and let the notebook fall open.A search of the outside store revealed two folding canvas garden chairs, dilapidated but useable.Bingham reappears with a metal folding chair.Exclusive folding designs are handmade in solid rosewood by craftsmen in the Far East, with careful attention to detail.The body was divided into two small and one large compartments, which could be divided in the centre by folding doors.A quite small example of a folding knife is shown in Pic 14.Standard equipment includes an electric sunroof, electric front windows, remote control central locking and a 60/40 split folding rear seat.
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