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folk music

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folk musicˈfolk ˌmusic (also folk) noun [uncountable]  1 APMtraditional music that has been played by ordinary people in a particular area for a long time2 APMa style of popular music in which people sing and play guitars, without any electronic equipment
Examples from the Corpus
folk musicAt age 5, Jewel began performing in clubs as part of a folk music trio with her parents.Acoustic and folk music fans are familiar with her 20-year span of live performance and recorded works.It certainly has characteristics of both, which are evident in such things as its folk music tradition.He must have started as a joke, to indulge his love of singing and of local folk music.If you hear the mandolin today, it's usually in bluegrass or Neapolitan folk music.There will be no attacks made simply because of folk music.The hippy thing is endemic to the culture a pint, a joint and a bit of folk music.A weekly gala dinner is held with folk music, and a piano bar provides music three times a week.
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