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folk science/psychology/wisdom etc

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfolk science/psychology/wisdom etcfolk science/psychology/wisdom etcRFscience etc that is based on the ideas or beliefs that ordinary people have, and does not involve a high level of technical knowledge folk
Examples from the Corpus
folk science/psychology/wisdom etcSome of the new findings, though, support previously unsubstantiated folk wisdom about alcohol and caffeine.Maxims, proverbs, and other forms of folk wisdom give a person reasons for obeying rules.Like most folk wisdom it is true, I think.The folk wisdom led Tory politicians to dismiss opinion poll findings suggesting the opposite.It was a part of folk wisdom that providing houseroom for a widowed parent could lead to intense family friction.Like much political folk wisdom, this particular belief is of recent origin.Voters' trade-off between taxes and services has changed since 1979 - and anyway the folk wisdom was always misleading.
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