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folklorefolk‧lore /ˈfəʊklɔː $ ˈfoʊklɔːr/ noun [uncountable]  RFthe traditional stories, customs etc of a particular area or country
Examples from the Corpus
folkloreThe point about folklore is that it has to be interpreted.Although the storyline is fictitious, the region, language and folklore are dirt real.And area folklore has them pegged as compulsive shoplifters, sugar addicts and tax scofflaws.But as folklore will tell you, the Net treats censorship like an obstacle to go around.Hawaiian folklore tells of the movements of the volcano goddess Pele.Immemorial folklore confirmed the division of tasks.In folklore the snake is often a symbol of evil.A great scholarly compendium of folklore and legends.Its ten pavilions were to serve Paris for over a century and to take their place in the city's folklore.According to folklore, King Arthur will one day return to become King of Britain.Within folklore it is always the first theme, that of restoration, which occurs.
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