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follow suit

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfollow suitfollow suitIMITATEto do the same as someone else has done Budget companies have been so successful that other airlines have had to follow suit and lower their fares. follow
Examples from the Corpus
follow suitWhen Allied Stores reduced their prices, other companies were forced to follow suit.As Little Rock cashes in, other Arkansas towns are following suit.He had sold all his sheep and bought a truck, and was trying to convince others that they should follow suit.Other countries are preparing to follow suit.The federal court system already offers no discretionary challenges to potential jurors, and state courts could follow suit.Clothiers in Baintree and Barking followed suit and demanded the return of thrums from their weavers.Alvin followed suit, but he had a few falls anyway as he went into one of his famous knee slides.Almost all anthropologists have followed suit, speaking of primitive cultures as compared with the civilizations that more developed societies have evolved.Orkney Presbytery followed suit, stating their very grave misgivings about the procedures followed by Orkney Islands Council.
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