Date: 1300-1400
Origin: fonne 'stupid person' (13-16 centuries)



be fond of somebody

to like someone very much, especially when you have known them for a long time and almost feel love for them:
Joe's quite fond of her, isn't he?
Over the years we've grown very fond of each other.

be fond of (doing) something

to like something, especially something you have liked for a long time:
I'm not overly fond of cooking.
I'd grown fond of the place and it was difficult to leave.

be fond of doing something

to do something often, especially something that annoys other people:
My grandfather was very fond of handing out advice to all my friends.
4 [only before noun] a fond look, smile, action etc shows you like someone very much [= affectionate]:
He gave her a fond look.
As we parted we said a fond farewell.

have fond memories of something/somebody

to remember someone or something with great pleasure:
Marie still had fond memories of their time together.

a fond hope/belief

a belief or hope that something will happen, which seems silly because it is very unlikely to happen
in the fond hope/belief that
They sent him to another school in the fond hope that his behaviour would improve.
fondness noun [uncountable]
a fondness for expensive clothes

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