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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishfondfond /fɒnd $ fɑːnd/ ●●○ adjective  1 be fond of somebody2 be fond of (doing) something3 be fond of doing something4 [only before noun]LOVE a fond look, smile, action etc shows you like someone very much syn affectionate He gave her a fond look. As we parted we said a fond farewell.5 have fond memories of something/somebody6 a fond hope/belieffondness noun [uncountable] a fondness for expensive clothes fondly
Examples from the Corpus
fondShe was much too fond of Heathcliff, and the worst punishment we could invent was to keep her separate from him.He was very fond of her but it strained imagination to see how she could fit into a policeman's life.I became fond of his face.But mostly this is a love story, and Andersen is clearly fond of his subjects.fond farewellHistory may come to see that embrace as a gesture of fond farewell.I see it as a fond farewell.My priestly friend set me down outside the two cathedrals and I bade him a fond farewell.It was to be fond farewells all round.And after designing 72 issues of Zzap! 64 I bid you all fond farewell and big hello to Commodore Force!I just can't get off the scale Moby and I swapped fond farewells as She-She led me away.I bid a fond farewell to the stack of porno mags beside my bed.
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