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fondantfon‧dant /ˈfɒndənt $ ˈfɑːn-/ noun  1 [uncountable] a soft mixture made from sugar and water, used for covering cakes a cake decorated with fondant icing2 [countable]DFF a soft sweet made of fondant
Examples from the Corpus
fondantThe steering wheel is made from a semi-circle of black or brown fondant.Gently attach to the card, resting the base on a matchbox to raise the cake slightly off the green fondant.The recipe given here is a quick-to-make fondant that does not need cooking.Cover the cake with the appropriate pieces of red fondant, smoothing into the angle on the front.Roll out and cover in turn with half the fondant.fondant icingUse a flexible plastic smoother for fondant icing, and a small stainless steel scraper for royal icing.Shape curved arms from fondant icing and position, tucking them under the head slightly to raise it up.Gelatine icing can, if liked, be used instead of fondant icing in recipes.Although more difficult to make than quick fondant icing, the technique is soon mastered.Colour the remaining fondant icing three different shades of green.Ready-to-roll fondant icing can be bought in supermarkets.Both are light sponge cakes with jam and vanilla filling, decorated with soft fondant icing.Place on the cake board. 2 Colour the fondant icing a pink flesh colour.
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