Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: fol, from Latin follis 'bag for blowing air'


1 noun
Related topics: Performing

stupid person

[countable] a stupid person or someone who has done something stupid [= idiot]:
What a fool she had been to think that he would stay.
Like a fool, I accepted straight away.

make a fool of yourself

to do something stupid that you feel embarrassed about afterwards and that makes you seem silly:
Sorry I made such a fool of myself last night. I must have been drunk.

make a fool of somebody

to deliberately do something to make someone else seem stupid:
I suddenly realised that I was being made a fool of.

any fool can do something

spoken used to say that it is very easy to do something or to see that something is true:
Any fool could have seen what would happen.

be no/nobody's fool

to be difficult to trick or deceive, because you have a lot of experience and knowledge about something:
Katherine was nobody's fool when it came to money.

gooseberry/strawberry etc fool

British EnglishDFF a sweet food made of soft cooked fruit mixed with cream

more fool you/him etc

British English spoken used to say that you think someone was stupid to do something, and it is their own fault if this causes trouble:
'Jim smashed up my car.' ' More fool you for letting him borrow it!'

not suffer fools gladly

if you say that someone doesn't suffer fools gladly, they do not have any patience with people who they think are stupid

be living in a fool's paradise

to feel happy and satisfied, and believe there are no problems, when in fact this is not true

play/act the fool

to behave in a silly way, especially in order to make people laugh:
Stop playing the fool! You'll fall.

(send somebody on) a fool's errand

to make someone go somewhere or do something for no good reason

fools rush in (where angels fear to tread)

used to say that people are stupid if they do something immediately without thinking about it first

a fool and his money are soon parted

used to say that stupid people spend money quickly without thinking about it


[countable]AP a man whose job was to entertain a king or other powerful person in the past, by doing tricks, singing funny songs etc [= jester]

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